DSG Reprogramming

The ALL CAR RACING Team developed several different changes to reprogram the ECU VAG DSG.
These changes can be applied to a vehicle completely original to enhance the vehicle's driving characteristics or to the already tuned vehicle to reach the best performance of the complete tuning . Just like our range of ECU remap, any change in the unit of DSG is realized specifically for the required vehicle and the driver. Any amendment to the DSG may include changes to the launch control, torque limiter, speed limiter and desired setup to give the driver the best possible driving experience.

Slight changes to the settings of the control unit of the DSG can be done to improve the speed of change, responsiveness and fluidity, even if you're a every day driver or if you like to partecipate to organized track days all drivers will appreciate your tuned DSG.

For the most demanding riders among you, we have set up special customized programs, more aggressive, suitable for modified vehicles, with these types of configuration engine performance with substantial changes in mechanical and electronic equipment are perfectly balanced with the calibration of the unit of the DSG. These changes may include, drains sports performance, DeKat, DPF removing, or update the turbocharger.

Our final optimization option of the DSG unit if focused towards the driver occasional track day, including launch control, torque control, speed shift, optimized for your vehicle and driving style, this will be the change for the DSG more extreme, which can be applied to your vehicle by maintaining a healthy transmission, and it is the best configuration for track and race.

DSG Tuning Options and Benefits.


The response of the gear change time can be increased up to 20% and allows a gear change more 'fluid, which means a reduction of clutch slip during acceleration at full load, necessary to protect your clutch by a premature failure.

With reduced shift times can also benefit from a better reaction time, up to 40% in Sport mode.



The torque limits of the vehicle are changed regularly in the car's ECU during remapping , but if the vehicle is equipped with DSG. we must change the torque limits stored into the DSG electronic control unit.Through the development of the control unit of the DSG we are able to release the additional torque produced by the tuned engine, while continuing to ensure the stability and the ability of all hardware mechanical moving within the transmission DSG.



Just like the above torque limiter tuning, the DSG control unit has the complete control of the engine revolution limiters for each step, and it is very important tuning them according to the configuration of the engine control unit. The increase of these shift points will give to the driver full control and full management of the engine power .



Launch Control can be activated in most vehicles but is especially effective in vehicles with DSG.

A perfect Launch Control can be achieved from 0 to 120 Kmh reducing the time of acceleration, maintaining a perfect balance of the throttle valve to provide maximum traction until rev limiter.


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