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    Dpf Removal

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    Chevy Camaro 3.6 304hp +32hp +60nm

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    Citroen DS3 1.6 Thp 156hp +25hp +50nm

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    Vag 1.6 tdi 75/90/105hp DPF Remove

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    Audi S4 3.0 Turbo Fsi 333hp +62hp +58nm

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    New Exclusive Dealer for China - PHOENIX AUTO

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    Seat Leon 2.0 TDI 184cv +45hp +500nm - Vmax Removed

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Official Announcement

For Chinese Customers

Dear Customer/Dealer:        

First of all we would like to thank you for choosing us and supporting us since April 2014 when we started our China Mainland business with our Partner also our Distributor Phoenix Auto located in Shanghai.

We would like to announce here that Phoenix Auto is the only distributor and taking care all of our Chip Tuning business in China Mainland! All sub-dealers and dealers are under management of Phoenix Auto. Any questions or business in China Mainland please contact our China Mainland official e-mail account for further more information.

We notice that now in China there is a Chip Tuning company named ACR Performance (sometimes they call themselves All Car Racing) claimed to have contact and relationship with us. Here to all of our Customers and company who interested to become our dealer in China Mainland ----- This company has no relationship with us and we don’t know anything about them! ACR is a short name of All Car Racing S.r.l and has been named all over the world over 27 years. It is shame that some companies trying to use the name similar to us. We here sincerely to ask you to do your own brand and try hard to create your own successful market!

To avoid misunderstanding here we list below all of our sub-dealers and dealers information. Please pay good attention to make sure you have the right contact person and thank you for your kindly choose us.

Also please notice that at CMD main interface all our dealer has the licensed to: Enrico Papini All Car Racing S.r.L  (Very easy way for you to see the difference)


Phoenix Auto

Address: No.45 Jun Gong Rd, Yang Pu district Shanghai.

Contact person:  Kevin Lu

Tel: +86 13816287482


Sub dealer Jiang Su Providence:


Max Tuning

Contact person:  Mr. Lu Ji Chao

Tel: +86 15950010790

         Dealer Kun Shan City

         AISU Motorsport

         Contact person: Mr. Yang Feng

         Tel: +86 13511628928

         Dealer Nan Jing City

         MC Auto Club

         Contact person: Mr. Xu

         Tel: +86 13851529851


Sub dealer Zhe Jiang Providence:


Dragon Auto

Contact person:  Mr. Yu Yu Chao

Tel: +86 18657181801


         Dealer Hu Zhou City

         JSK Tuning Hu Zhou

         Contact person:  Mr. Leon Xue

         Tel: +86 13735135789

         Dealer Hu Zhou City 

         Star Auto Serivce

         Contact Person: Jerry

         Tel: +86 18958068600


         Dealer Wen Zhou City

         JC Power

         Contact person:  Mr. Kevin Ji

         Tel: +86 13738756426/ +86 13736700295


         Dealer Ning Bo City

         Ao Yong Hui

         Contact person:  Mr. Chen

         Tel: +86 18817618868


Sub Dealer Beijing Area (Includes Tian Jin City and He Bei Providence):


R.P.M Tuning

Contact person:  Mr. Kreis Liu

Tel: 010-83833793/ +86 13699254402/ +86 13488832333


         Dealer Tianjin City

         Qin Su Motorsport

         Contact person:  Mr. Huang Guo Song

         Tel: +86 13820505659


         Dealer Bin Hai City

         Car Jazz Auto

         Contact person:  Mr. Yuan Shuai

         Tel: +86 13215666888


Sub Dealer Guang Dong Providence:


Long Yu Hang Auto

Contact person:  Mr. Jason Yang

Tel: +86 13331133161


         Dealer Zhong Shan City

         Car power Performance

         Contact person:  Mr. Xu

         Tel: +86 13822444404


         Dealer Dong Guan City

         Racing Fans

         Contact person:  Mr. Lai Shu Qiang

         Tel: +86 13509224171


         Dealer Fo Shan City

         Yi Bo Auto

         Contact person:  Mr. Xiang

         Tel: +86 13630000031


Sub dealer He Nan Providence:


Yi Hao Gang Qu Motorsport

Contact person:  Mr. Liu Ke Qiao

Tel: +86 18137378361


Sub dealer Jiang Xi Providence:


Shooting Star

Contact person: Mr. Wan Ling Rui

Tel: +86 13707929368


Sub dealer Hu Nan Providence:


De Xing Tian Xia Auto

Contact person:  Mr. Zhong Shu

Tel: +86 13874800725


Sub dealer Si Chuan Providence:


Ander Auto

Contact person:  Mr. Ren Jian Bo

Tel: +86 13228199993


Sub dealer Fu Jian Providence:


CZX Auto

Contact person:  Mr. Wu Tian Ming

Tel: +86 13599054999


         Dealer Xia Men City

         ECC auto

         Contact person:  Mr. Yu Zhong Dong

         Tel: +86 13720885173


         Dealer Zhang Zhou City

         JMR Performance

         Contact person:  Mr. Liu Ji Li

         Tel: +86 13960168444


         Dealer San Ming City

         J.SPEED Auto Tuning

         Contact person:  Mr. Peter

         Tel: +86 13859116063


Sub Dealer Qing Hai Providence (include Gan Su Providence):


Phoenix Auto Qing Hai

Contact person:  Mr. Li Ji Cai

Tel: 0971-6275001/ +86 13299838000


Sub Dealer Ning Xia Providence:


Yang Zi Lin Feng Auto

Contact person:  Mr. Jiang Zhi Yu

Tel: +86 18509516022


Sub Dealer Yun Nan Providence:


Auto Art

Contact person:  Mr. Huang Zhong Yang

Tel: +86 18288957480


Sub Dealer Hei Long Jian Providence:


Bo Pai Auto (AAC Club)

Contact person:  Mr. Sui

Tel: +86 15104562321

        Dealer Chang Chun City


         Contact person:  Mr. Zhang Nan

         Tel: +86 15604421888/+86 18543001456


Sub Dealer Shan Xi (in Xi An City) Providence:


Euro 100 Auto Service

Contact person:  Mr. Zhang

Tel: +86 13630226677


Sub Dealer Shang Dong Providence:


Phoenix Auto Engineering Ling Yi

Contact person:  Mr. Li

Tel: +86 18502111276


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